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Weighing Justice And Nonmaleficience Essay

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In today's society, it is commonly assumed that people are able to receive the medical treatment that they require. The people that aren't able to receive the specialists or procedures needed are typically instances that society doesn't hear about or rather chooses to overlook because the people in this predicament are representative of the lower echelon of the population, the people we would rather not associate with or even claim as fellow members of our race. This is extremely unfortunate, and I believe that when someone requires a certain specialist for a condition they suffer from it is of utmost important that they have access to the medical care they need.Now suppose you are a ...view middle of the document...

Some of the symptoms that the patient reported in his preliminary paperwork include swelling or edema in the feet, ankles, and hands, shortness of breath at night, and redness, swelling, pain, weakness, or numbness located in the feet and legs. He also claimed asthma and heart disease as existing medical conditions.In the patient's family history, he listed that his father suffered from a history of heart disease and strokes, while his mother died from heart disease at the age of 63. The patient also wrote that he was hospitalized at Porter Memorial in 2001 for a heart attack. After obtaining his medical records from other facilities, Dr. Girn came to find out that the patient had also had three stent placement surgeries.When Dr. Girn met with the patient, he discovered some more information pertinent to our case. The first appointment with Dr. Girn was in September of 2008. He had not seen a cardiologist or had any sort of lab work done since his hospitalization in 2001. Also, he had stopped taking his medications shortly after he was released seven years prior. This is very frightening news with someone with such a strong history of heart disease in their family.To give you an idea of the shape this patient was in when he first came to visit Dr. Girn, I will share some of his vitals with you. His pulse was 132, compared to the average of 75, he is five feet and nine inches tall, he weighs 402 pounds, he is 44 years old, and his blood pressure is an incredible 184 over 112. From these statistics Dr. Girn came to the conclusion that the patient has extreme hypertension, and obviously needs to resume his high blood pressure medicine as soon as possible or else poses a huge health risk to himself. Dr. Girn also discovered that the patient suffers from tachycardia, and therefore his heart has to work very hard to circulate blood to his body in order to be working at the rate it is. He is extremely obese, which simply increases all these risk factors exponentially, as well as his habits of smoking and drinking. After obtaining all this information and taking into account the fact that the patient hadn't taken medicine for seven years, Dr. Girn asked himself, how do I even begin to treat this patient? More than that, what were the underlying causes to his health problems he was experiencing?In order to best help the patient, Dr. Girn had to completely understand his medical conditions, which required him to leave his comfort zone and travel out of his area of expertise. He researched the symptoms and he came up with three major diagnoses for the patient, congestive heart failure, hypertension, and coronary artery disease.After learning what the patient was diagnosed with, I had several questions before I could delve any further into the ethical dilemma. These questions included signs and symptoms of these diseases, causes of these diseases, progressions of these diseases, and treatments for these diseases. I managed to scrounge up most of this...

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