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Weekly Lab Essay

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Name:_Yuri Armstrong_____________________________________

Session 2: Microscopy Worksheet Answers (36 questions)

| | |
| |
|a. |
|b. |
|c. ...view middle of the document...

|you look through |Eyepiece lens |
|. |shortest objective |Scanning objective |
|. |longest objective |Oil immersion objective |
|. |on which slides are placed |Stage |
|. |as a handle to carry the microscope |Arm |
|. |light on the object |Mirror |
|. |attached to the nosepiece |Objective lenses |
|. |amount of light entering condenser |Diaphragm |
|. |with the least working distance |Highest power objective |
|. |with the largest field of view |Lowest power objective |

The magnification of the image of specimen will increase. A total of 160X magnification is achieved.

They have an inverse relationship. As magnification increases, the field of view decreases.

13. This micrograph best represents what type of microscopy?(from 13 to 18, the pictures are in everywhere, so I couldn't tell which problem to which problem)
Scanning electron microscope-diatom...

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