Week Three Team Paper

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Functional Area Interrelationships
David Echavarria, Jonathan Ness, Roseline Prasad
Tosh Stuart

Functional Area Interrelationships
The team has chosen to research Riordan Manufacturing. In the paper the team will discuss the primary reasons for the organizations existence by analyzing the mission, vision, values, and goals of the company. The team will analyze the reason for the organization's structure and the key positions that support the structure of the organization. The steps of the collaboration process will be identified and explained. Within in the steps the team will identify how the organization is able to achieve their goals. The action plan will ...view middle of the document...

By assuring that our employees are well informed and properly supported, we will provide a climate focused on the long term viability of our company (Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization(2014)." Their future vision is to "be focused in achieving and maintaining reasonable profitability to assure that the financial and human capital is available for sustained growth (Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization (2014)."
Analyze the reason for the type of organizational structure employed by the organization, and identify the key positions that support that organizational structure
Matrix organizational Structure
The matrix organization is a structure in which functional and staff personnel are assigned to both a basic functional area and to a project or product manager. It provides duel channels of authority, performance responsibility, evaluation and control (Pearce, J.A. II, & Robinson, R.B.(2009).
* Organizational structure is the formal layout of managerial hierarchies and the grouping of employees, departments and business units within a company (Ingram, 2014). Organizational structure can be seen as the foundation where a company can grow; when looking at the organizational chart it can help expose the key positions in helping the company succeed. There are four steps in indentifying the key positions. The first one is to identify the positions in the organizational structure chart that have a high number of direct subsidiaries that have a comparison with similar positions (Ingram, 2014). The second step is to identify the front line positions that are shown at the bottom of the organization chart. The bottom of the chart shows the lowest positions in the company. Studying the organization chart can help you in understanding that of the bottom level jobs are important to the company.
* Step three would be to analyze the job descriptions and also the strategic contributions of each executive position that is in the organizational structure. The top positions are essential because they help in providing direction and supervision to all layers of employment in the organization. Seeing if all executive position are being used in full effect can be determined by showing who the middle management reports to; an example is if a majority of the middle management reports to the CEO directly this means the other executive positions are not being used to its full potential (Ingram, 2014). The fourth step is to look for any positions that have a connection between different departments, business units and any markets. Any employees that have a relationship between many different areas can help provide some key support in the organizational structure (Ingram, 2014).
* Analyze the reason for the type of organizational structure employed by the organization, and identify the key positions that support that organizational structure.
* Organizational Structure
* Riordan Manufacturing has separate divisions to each...

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