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Week Five Essay

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While contrasting UNIX systems to Windows a few of the features discovered in UNIX incorporate: the usage of simple text for saving data; a ordered file system; UNIX manages tools for example printing equipments, mouse and keyboard and also other tools like files. The UNIX system also manages directories and procedures like files. There's only one root directory inside the UNIX operating system hierarchical tree. UNIX utilizes devices and applications via the command line in contrast to utilizing a single monolithic application which includes all the same functionality. The kernel offers services to begin and stop applications, deals with the file system that saves and arranges the computer ...view middle of the document...

UNIX based systems use the piping characteristic that lets for redirection of input or result of one procedure to a different one. UNIX may take the input from the computer keyboard or a file and transmit it like output to a different file or device. It may also get the input from a file and utilize it like command criteria to create results to another file. Although the majority of these characteristics might not be used in the windows atmosphere a few for example ‘echo’ or redirection can be located by making use of the command prompt in what is known as the windows DOS atmosphere and also via Windows Powershell. ‘Windows Powershell is an extensible automated engine from Microsoft, containing a command-line shell and related scripting language.’ (Das, S., 2013) For instance: the echo command may be used to show contents on monitor; the more / ‘|’command may be used to show items one page at one time and redirection ‘>’ may be used to transmit output to a computer printer or file.

Windows deals with most file processing features by making use of GUI interface user programs. Windows lets users to produce, open up, modify, and keep files to particular directories saved with local, distant, networked, or detachable drives. It takes input from various resources such as USB, cordless connection, DVD, and CD, resources and tools for example camera’s, and PDA’s.

UNIX manages all directories like files and has got just one main directory. Windows on the contrary doesn't handle directories like files and may have several main directories based on the quantity of drives and quantities placed. Additionally files required by windows operating system are normally saved in the C: drive. Both systems let authorizations to computer files and directories to be established or changed. Windows create a good difference between computer files, directories, and tools and retains every one of them segregated.

Devices - as mentioned earlier on tools for example mouse and computer keyboard as well as other input and output tools may also be discovered in the UNIX file tree. They may be seen obtainable in the /dev directory. UNIX also uses a null device that instantly trashes any output transferred to it. Windows on the contrary retains tools completely separate from the file structure and utilizes a device manager which is used to manage all tools attached.

Programming Potential

Both Windows and UNIX utilize the 7 stages of networking principal, OSI, to the some extent with some variation, and when beyond the 7 layers the sockets are what separate these 2 operating systems from one another, as was mentioned above. The 1st, of the 7, is the physical layer that describes physical methods of transmitting data over network tools, interfaces between network method and tools, and describes visual, electrical and mechanical features. The 2nd is the data link layers that frames the packets, finds and or corrects packets transmit mistakes, and describes...

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