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Week 7 Project Paper

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American Military University

All about Network Security:
Network Security Means Never Giving an Adversary a Chance.

Anthony Portz
ISSC340 I001 SPR 14
Professor Alidad Jalinous
June 16th, 2014 11:55 PM

In this paper I will discuss network security and I will give a detailed description of the area while discussing different technologies that are involved. There are many ways to provide network security and a lot of different aspects to keep in mind. There are a multitude of people who want to attack the internet and everything that it loves. Well luckily there are big security companies like Cisco and Symantec who are there for the user like Tron, and ...view middle of the document...

The security aspect comes into play when the computer or other device is able to have a connection outside of itself. The measures of security should be to prevent intruders (unauthorized users) from accessing any part of you network which can give them access to your equipment, and therefore you information. Without proper security it is easy for intruders to access your network and gain your personal information or use your computer to attack other networks and computers. A good network security significantly helps prevent this, though intruders are constantly striving to find new loop holes and vulnerabilities within security systems. It is a good rule of thumb to always have updated and running security systems with anti-virus scanners and detection software so you know you are always protected or if an attack was attempted.
How does Network Security work?
A good network security system must be effective and reliable to stop any and all threats or unauthorized users from accessing and/or spreading across the network. The majority of threats are obtained from the internet and they are caused by in house (authorized) users (Cert). Network security can be broken down to three main types of controls. There are the technical, physical, and administrative controls which can be found on most end user device’s security. The technical controls are used to secure the data that is stored on or that moves through the network to which you are connected. The technical controls consist of different configurations, devices and etc. The physical controls are the security fences, locks, or other devices that are used to slow down the progress of an intruder or hacker that is attempting to gain access to your device or network. Lastly the administrative controls are comprised of the security policies that support the procedures which are used to control each user’s behavior. This includes how the communications or IT department can install new technologies and what you are allowed to do on your device (Matt Curtain).
How do you accomplish good Network Security?
Good network security is accomplished by understanding what needs to be protected, and where the vulnerabilities are. Hackers are not resting and giving up on attempts and new ways to access networks and devices, and neither should you on securing it and keeping it updated. Network security should not be considered a “one-time activity”, but something that requires constant up keeping and monitoring. It is good to establish both reactive and proactive strategies for a solid network security plan. A reactive strategy plan is something that should be set in place for after an attack happens. This is to help assess the damage that has been done by the attacker, how to recover and continue on from the attack, and how to prevent it in the future. In case an attack does happen it is a good rule of thumb to do a complete security scan of potentially infected or destroyed files, and to recover the...

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