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Week 6 Assignment

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GM 592
Skill Development Assignment
Week 6

Well the company that I work for is a high performance culture as for what is expected of its employees and the mission and values of the company. The slogan is the “customer is always right “. We have to bend over backwards sometime to satisfy the customer’s needs. However, if I was to look at everything internally I would say that it is a low performance culture because insular things and resistance to change. Management to me is a dictator ship when it comes down to making changes. The send out the e-mail of what is expected for us to do but they do not work in the stores or know how much extra time it will take to implement the changes. My current boss basically reads the e-mails tell us what they say and then it is just do it. He never questions the changes because for one there is nothing he can do about it but his approach is so dry to where I personally have some ...view middle of the document...

The extra steps sometimes take up a little more time but the liability of it not being correct is even greater.
I would say that we have an adaptive culture because of the policies, procedures, and practices. We all grumble but we have to comply and do what it is that is asked of us. We cannot expect for thing to go how we would like, if so it would be our company. When you work for someone else you as a team member have to adapt or move on but there are always policies and procedures elsewhere as well.
The mission of the organization is customer service and servicing the customer to the best of our ability. The culture does its best to support the organizations mission and values even though it can get frustrating. I do not like being screamed at by an irate customer so that is when I call a manager to take over the situation because I do need my job. The customer is always right doesn’t mean that is always right in my opinion but it is not my company. In customer service there are polices and procedures that we all have to follow. Greeting a customer with a smile and offering them extra assistance is a plus and can be self satisfying deal with insurance day in and day out and a customer really appreciates it when you go the extra mile and get then necessary information to process there prescriptions when they haven’t received there insurance cards or something isn’t covered.
The culture can be approved internally by making sure that everyone understands why the changes are there and the way that they are presented can be changed as well. Give the employees the benefit of the doubt sometime when it comes to customer complaints. I know some may think that the pharmacy is McDonald’s at times but making sure that we are giving you what the doctor prescribed is our priority. We do have some times get backed up and the wait can be a little longer as usual and we try our best to get you out in time without a long wait but if someone has brought in ten prescription a head of your one then they are still priority. So just a little bit of understanding from management of customer complaints would be better.

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