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Week 5 Research Paper

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Week 5 Research Paper
It is generally believed that a job in sales demands one to be outgoing, talkative and at times as required, pushy. People also believe that situation generally gets to be quite awkward if one is not outgoing enough. Moreover, people also think that success in selling mainly depends on your ability to talk and to make people believe what you say. In other words selling is believed to be a career which demands one to be clever and manipulative. The one who can cleverly use his words to persuade the customer can sell and one who cannot won’t be able to. People think the job demands them to be rather open and most of the success depends on their ability to talk. To ...view middle of the document...

I have multiple times come across such sales people but the one that I came across while shopping for sunglasses was particularly a trouble and it does not seem I would easily forget the experience I had with him. As a man of average income I was looking for sunglasses which suited my budget, were not costly and also looked nice. But what turned out at the shop was a bit embarrassing. It was a guy at the store whom I asked to show me some according to my budget and which would look cool on me. However, the guy started showing me glasses which were either too costly or did not appear very nice. I repeatedly asked him to show me sunglasses within the price range I had specified. I was pretty sure that the store had good glasses within the price range but the guy appeared to be not showing them on purpose and kept pushing me to buy the costlier ones. I had started regretting why I even entered the shop. At last when I firmly told him I was not going to buy ones above my price range and he should show me some good ones within it, he gave me a glance as if I had spoiled his time. It had upset me badly. However, the guy sensing that I would leave without buying anything showed me a few good ones of which I decided to buy one. At last I bought one that I liked, however my experience at the shop with the salesman was not appreciable and when I left the shop I was not in a very good mood and I still sometimes recount the experience. Especially, I try to remain clear of such sales people who may rather than offering their cooperation to the customer would spoil his mood and time. My experience that day was both highly unpleasant and uncomfortable and it felt embarrassing when the guy tried to push me to buy a costly piece and I had to ask him for a cheaper one.
Still, we come across good sales people also who would rather cooperate and help you make your choices. I too have come across some of which one is particularly memorable. I had this experience at a garments store which I had visited to buy a suit for myself. There were quite a group of sales people at the showroom and one of them offered to help me find what I was looking for. After asking me for the price range within which I was thinking of buying one, he also asked me for further details like the event I was buying it for and my color choices. He showed me each of them with pleasure while also...

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