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Week 4 Hist 276 Essay

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Week 4 Worksheet

As you read this week’s required materials, complete this worksheet. This is a multipage assignment; double-check that you completed each page before submitting.

Part I: Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks to complete the following sentences.

Ming-Dynasty China

a. The population of China approximately doubled between the start of the Ming dynasty in 1368 and its collapse and replacement by the Manchus in 1415 in North China . This population increase, along with a reduction in government regulation, led to China’s Commercial Revolution, which lasted from ...view middle of the document...

Due to lack of interest, however, the Chinese halted these voyages.

Qing-Dynasty China

a. The Qing dynasty was proclaimed by rulers of the former Chinese vassal, the celestial kingdom , with its first capital at Shenyang (Mukden). When the Ming dynasty fell to rebel forces in 1644, the Qing earned the support of much of the bureaucracy and military by presenting themselves as protectors of the manchurian order. The Qing capital was moved to beijing that same year, and the new dynasty had reconquered all of southern China by Ming generals .
b. The emperor Kangxi led the conquest of the island of Taiwan , home to Chinese and Japanese pirates, in 1681. Struggles with a new rival to the north and northwest, manchurians , led to constant conflict and extensive territorial gains for China.
c. The Chinese population and commerce continued to expand under the Qing dynasty, fueled by new crops from the Tang , new silver and copper mines, and silver acquired through trade with northern countries.
d. Contact with the West increased in the 17th century, but in the early 18th century, the Qing rulers restricted trade to land outside the walls of beijing . The 1793 British mission to expand trade did not succeed, and the emperor Qianlong explained in a letter to George III that China rejected British manufactured goods.

Japanese Civilization in the Warring States Era

a. The Ahikaga bakufu collapsed in 1467 over a dispute about who would be the next Ashikaga shōgun. . With this change, regional territorial lords lords could no longer count on the bakufu system for defense against their vassals. As a result, most of these regional lords were defeated in the coming years, and hundreds of small Warring States daimyo , each with a group of warriors to support it, took their place.
b. As the widespread civil warfare continued, several regional powers emerged once again, with castles often located on plains and surrounded by new towns that supplied their needs. Toyotomi Hideyoshi succeeded in reuniting all of Honshu island, and his successor, Tokugawa Ieyasu , completed the reunification of Japan in 1600, ending the Warring States era.

Civilization of Tokugawa-Era Japan

a. Tokugawa Ieyasu took for himself the title of shōgun in 1603 and established a new bakufu based in Edo , present-day Tokyo. Ieyasu confiscated the territory of his enemies and transferred many daimyo to different domains to reward his samurai retainers , weaken his enemies , and provide a bakufu-domain system with his most loyal followers nearest his stronghold.
b. Strict legal codes regulated...

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