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Week 4 Db Mit Principles Of Information Systems Itc 610

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Christopher Chapman
Week 4 DB
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The electronic auction websites have a role of providing the mean to the people who want to sell their electronic devices on the websites in order to get the maximum sale price of the product. The role of these auction sites is to reduce the risk of sellers, protect intellectual property rights, support laws and regulations, provide equal opportunity to the sellers and provide the more enjoyable buying and selling experience to the visitors. There should be proper policies for buying and selling electronic items on the auctions websites (Jacobson, 2003- 2015).  
No, sellers should not be able to post whatever they want without sensitivity to ...view middle of the document...

Different auction websites have some way to deal with the frauds and keep monitoring the posts in order to address the ethical issues. Despite of electronic auction website, all e-commerce website rely on their user to report the unethical sale or fraudulent (McManus, 2009).
There are different measures can be used in order to describe the ethical issues like website should keep reviewing the posts and handle the case of fraudulent efficiently. Like eBay has become one of the largest targets for fraud online and also has some measures to restrict the frauds to sell anything on their site. Some other well-known sites can collect the user’s feedback in order to detect the fraudulent and low quality product. The company should also take essential steps by collecting the user’s feedback about non delivery or misrepresentation of the product.  
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Firewall systems remain commonly applied all through computer networks. Firewalls act as measures of control, implementing all related components of security policies. Firewalls may be many numbers of different mechanisms like routers or the gathering of host machines. Though, a basic function of the firewall is the protection of the integrity of a network which remains firewall controlled. At hand are diverse kinds of firewalls that may be implemented, through a choice of the firewalls being reliant on that security policy and also any level of deployment within the system. Anti-virus (AV) is utilized in the effort to openly protect any system from damages. AV detects the specific types of unauthorized activities within the forms of mischief mobile code, communally...

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