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Week 4 Analysis Fina

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Video Analysis: CanGo Weeks 3&4

Video Analysis: CanGo Weeks 3&4
Consolidated Consultants
Martin Donohue
Laura Guzman
Malvin Henry
Yvette Feliciano-Rodriguez
Ryan Haryanto
BUSN460 Senior Project
DeVry University
Professor Mozinski
CanGo is an up and coming successful online organization, with much to consider in order improving its current processes. There are various problems within CanGo that are limiting the continued success that the company desires. CanGo must analyze what is in place currently with their technology, customer service process, marketing, etc. CanGo lacks discipline and leadership with successfully planning for the ...view middle of the document...

One of the most successful methods is implementing a barcoding system. The barcodes would be programmed to identify the product, color, etc.
b. Recommendation- Apply the Automated Retrieval/Storage System (AS/RS) so that they can simplify, eliminate, automate and integrate. By using this you can increase the volume shipped or to ship doubled with the same cost.
3. CanGo needs to identify its target market- Consolidated Consultants has observed that CanGo has no clue who makes up its target market is or what it is interested in. This lack of consumer knowledge leaves CanGo vulnerable to competitors who are conducting market research to better serve and target customers. CanGo is missing an opportunity to better cater to customers and help generate sales.
c. Recommendations- Know who your target market is so that you won’t advertise and sell the product at the wrong audience, make a survey and once you know who your target market is. This is because you want your advertisement or your product to be in proper target market segment.
4. Conduct a product comparison analysis – CanGo needs to identify where they would be able to educate themselves with the products their competitors are obtaining positive results and the techniques the competitor may have in place in order to obtain these positive results. This analysis would include but not limited to the target market, type of products, pricing, marketing in place by competitors, etc.
d. Recommendation- Improve in customer service so that it would be easier for the consumer to make changes or if they want to know more about the product. This also can use outside input to make sure they are hitting the desired customers.
5. Analyzing their marketing techniques – CanGo needs to ensure the marketing techniques used are eye catching and results in convincing the consumer to purchase the product. Providing more information to the consumer about the products that they may purchase will keep consumers informed and helps to drive sales. There are various methods that may be considered for marketing these techniques can vary depending on the product and location.
e. Recommendation- Consolidated Consultants recommends that CanGo make promotions thru TV, newspaper, magazine, social media and etc. These mediums will allow more people to know what products and services CanGo has to offer. This will help to drive sales and increase a returning customer base.
6. Following up with customers if they are satisfied with their product or what could be done better – CanGo needs to develop a system that follows up with customers to easily track customer satisfaction. As of right now CanGo has no clue as to the level of customer satisfaction that they provide. A customer feedback system will allow CanGo the opportunity to receive input from customers...

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