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Week 4 Essay

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NETW204: Assignment 4, Link-state Routing and OSPF (50 points)

Fill in the blanks below with either the term defined or the definition for the terms listed. Each answer is worth 2 points each, 25 questions X 2 = 50 total points. Type answers in the appropriate cell; text will automatically wrap. Post your completed assignment to the dropbox.

NAME Johnetta Stewart

Term Definition
1 ABR Attaches to multiple areas, maintains separate
link-state databases for each area it is connected
to, and routes traffic destined for or arriving from
other areas
2 Autonomous System Boundary Router (ASBR) The OSPF router located between an OSPF autonomous system network and ...view middle of the document...

Link-state acknowledgment packets are Type 5 OSPF packets.
10 link-state advertisements (LSA) Broadcast packet used by link-state protocols that contains information about neighbors and path costs. LSAs are used by the receiving routers to maintain their routing tables.
11 LRS Asks for more information about any entry in the DBD
12 link-state update (LSU) Link-state update packets are Type 4 OSPF packets. A link-state update packet carries a collection of link-state advertisements one home father from its origin.
13 Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) A logical set of network segments (CLNS-, DECnet-, or OSPF-based) and their attached devices. Areas are usually connected to other areas through routers, making up a single autonomous system.
14 When this is not equal, the router with the highest
number will be the DR regardless of router ID
15 RFC 2328 the link state routing protocol that has been standardised by the IETF.

OSPF Commands: Describe the results you would get from entering the commands below and how the results might be used by a network engineer.

Command Description
16 Router(config)# router ospf 123 Starts OSPF process 123....

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