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Week 3 Terminology Essay

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RES/351 Week Three Terminology Exercise v 1.92

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Chose the response which best answers the question or completes the statement (14 questions).
Please enter your response in the green box below the answers

"1. This type of study is very popular among businesses, and answers the questions,
“who, what, when, and where”."

a. Reporting
b. Explanatory
c. Predictive
d. Descriptive
Answer D

2. The key reason for conducting research in business is:

a. To support the ...view middle of the document...

A researcher proposes a hypothesis that relies on super-natural beings to shape behavior.
Such a hypothesis:"

a: Is likely to be an adequate explanation of the cause and effect
b. Is likely to have easily operationalized variables
c. Is likely to be more true than any other explanations of human behavior
d. Is likely to be non-testable
Answer D

6. A hypothesis states that smoking causes cancer. In this hypothesis:

a. Smoking is the Dependent Variable, and the occurrence of cancer is the Independent Variable
b. Smoking is the Independent Variable, and the occurrence of cancer is an Extraneous Variable
c. Smoking is the Independent Variable, and the occurrence of cancer is the Dependent Variable
d. Smoking is the Moderating Variable, and the occurrence of cancer is the Dependent Variable
Answer C

7. Your hypothesis is that customers are more likely to go into movie theater (DV) when there is a hit movie playing (IV). After some study, you think that this relationship is definitely affected by the outside temperature. Given that:

a. You can ignore temperature, since the outside temperature is essentially random.
b. Outside temperature is an Extraneous Variable.
c. Outside temperature is a Moderating Variable.
d. Outside temperature should be considered as a second Dependent Variable.
Answer C

8. To be a good explanatory hypothesis, the hypothesis statement MUST include:

a. An Independent Variable that causes or helps explain the Dependent Variable
b. A clearly defined strategic question for the researcher to examine
c. A Dependent Variable that causes or helps explain the Independent Variable
d. An Intervening or Moderating Variable
Answer A

9. “Improved education causes better learning.” In this construct: ...

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