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Week 3 Sexual Dysfunction Essay

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Sexual Dysfunction
Melanie Chapman
July 8, 2013
Sally Henzel

Sexual Dysfunction
Based upon the human sexual response, we are able to separate the following categories of sexual disorders of psychological origin: sexual pain disorder, orgasmic disorder, sexual desire disorder, and sexual arousal disorder.
When we look at orgasmic disorders, we find an issue that is prevalent in both males and females: premature ejaculation (in males) or rapid female orgasm (obviously, in females).
Premature ejaculation is something that plagues males around the world. Premature ejaculation is, essentially, a lack of control over one’s ejaculation, which occurs either before penetration or just shortly afterward. ...view middle of the document...

Rapid female ejaculation is something that we do not hear about too often, but it probably happens to women more often than we think. Rapid female ejaculation is something that is not necessarily looked upon as a problem, but it is definitely a problem. Rapid female ejaculation is a problem that occurs in women that makes them orgasm in very little time after the act of sexual intercourse has started. Once this occurs, the woman tends to lose interest in continuing the act of sexual intercourse. Some women are able and willing to continue intercourse because women are able to have multiple orgasms so long as sexual stimulation continues.
There is an array of treatments when it comes to sexual dysfunction disorders. One treatment is sex therapy, which is a psychological treatment that can, essentially, help the person suffering from sexual dysfunction to both control and realize the reaction that the body tends to have to arousal. Additionally, there is another form of treatment that has been known to be successful. This treatment was developed by Dr. J. Semens in 1956, and, as like everything, was tweaked later by others. This treatment is intended to help both men and women to become more aware of the sensations that they are feeling leading up to orgasm. As they learn to distinguish between each phase, they are then able to modify their body movements in order to delay early ejaculation/orgasm. This treatment can last anywhere from several weeks to several months, until the patient regains most of the control over their bodies.

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