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Week 3 Determining Databases Scenario 1 And 2

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Determining Databases and Data Communications
Tasha Carson
Professor Rita Solomon-Moore

Determining Databases and Data Communications
Scenario 1:
The methodology of managing a trade show booth is to keep certain things in mind about the components, equipment and each and every item that is to be transported back to the head office, when you are closing the booth. We are in charge of setting up a consumer electronics trade shown which mainly consists of products like dry batteries, cell phones, laptops, computer accessories, phone accessories and monitor LCDs. We need to make sure that these products are safely returned when the trade show is over. There can be ...view middle of the document...

When we take Excel’s disadvantages in mind, we see that sometimes, virus can be attached to an Excel file through ‘Macros’ (Macros are mini programs that are written into an Excel spread sheet). Another disadvantage is that when a user creates a subset directory for data management in Excel, there may be a chance that the Excel data can be lost when the application is broken down into many files. I would use enterprise database because, enterprise database utilizes authentication by means of a RADIUS server, which provide the recommended security for a business, personal database is acceptable when you are using it for your personal use or household use, it is not that safe when it comes to running a business. Enterprise database also provides multi-user function, with this we can easily communicate with the home office and let them know about the equipment being shipped.
A decision support system is based on managing operations and planning levels of an organization so it can make decisions. It will be a lot of helpful when we need to make decision on classification of the products being transferred and to improve the efficiency of the system over all. Without wasting much time, we can easily make decisions and we can have a competitive advantage over other competitors.

Scenario 2:
For businesses that require employees to work from multiple locations, it is the key importance for the remote staff to have access to company data. Likewise, our company needs WAN, as it provides network facility over a broad area and on the other hand managing to provide network in the designated area as well. This mode of telecommunication will allow the business to effectively reach out to any location and keep a constant communication between the employees. With our company being a consulting business, we have to make sure that, the consultants are being recorded for what they are doing and how they are managing the tasks they are given. Through WAN, we can easily see and even help out the employees when they might need help in a certain task given. This allows the business to employ people at ease, as it facilitates the employees to work even when home and do not feel like coming to the office, or have some other part time job they have to manage.
It is not compulsory for our business to have the wireless network as...

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