Week 2 Hrm Essay

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Analyze the Role of a Manager within the Functional areas of Business
Amy Fenn
May 1, 2014
University of Phoenix


Management is defined as; the process of dealing with or controlling things or people.
In order for a business to be successful three major key roles are put into consideration. The first role being, Human Resources, which is responsible for the proper chain of command within a company, pertaining but not limited to, hiring, firing and making sure that the rules are upheld including polices, regulations and what is good for the protection of the business. The second key factor is Research and Development, which is important for bringing new ideas and ...view middle of the document...

Globalization—defined as ‘... ‘The spread of economic innovations around the
World and the political and cultural adjustments that accompany the diffusion’
(Lewis and Harris 1992) This is clearly a present force in the economic
Environment and more than likely cannot be stopped. A clear understanding should be established in order to have the best interest for the company. Knowledge of the surrounding atmosphere can make the development of a business more successful. This can set clear groundings of what competition lies ahead for the business at hand.
Administration- When a person is the face of a business their job is very important. A consumer likes to feel welcome and convertible in an environment of a company. People like to feel invited and warm. Administration is responsible for the day to day actives of the business. This means that in order for the business to run in order, there has to be action taken to insure the business is being ran smoothly and correct. In order to do so the proper steps need to be taken, Make sure the day to day operations are ran correctly, The consumers are greeted in a friendly professional way and operations are ran smoothly.
Research and Development- The research and development...

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