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Week 2 Homework Excerse Essay

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University of Phoenix Material

Week Two Homework Exercise

Answer the following questions covering material from Ch. 1–5 of Methods in Behavioral Research:

1. A researcher is interested in studying the effects of different levels of distraction—none, low, and high—on scores on a test of visual memory. Participants are randomly assigned to one of three conditions: no distraction, low distraction, or high distraction. All participants engage in a test of visual memory. What is the independent variable? What is the dependent variable? What is the purpose of random assignment to groups? What is the purpose of random assignment to groups?

The independent variable is, no distraction; ...view middle of the document...

4. Describe the content that should appear in a well-written informed consent form for a research study. Why is it important to obtain informed consent? What are the three principles outlined by the Belmont Report? What additional concerns do you have (if any) when obtaining consent from a minor?

Because informed consents can at time be technical and in some ways vague, a well-written informed consent must contain the purpose for the research, an explanation of the purpose for conducting the research, the risk and the benefits associated with participating in a research study, compensation if any made available for participants, the steps taken to ensure the confidentiality of those involved in the research study if applicable, the consent must also assure participants of their right to voluntarily participate in the research study and withdraw when they want or need to, and finally a consent must also include contact information where those involved in a research study can call should they have any questions and/or concerns (Cozby, 2009).

Informed consents are of outmost importance because it provides individuals with valuable information that would help influence the decision of whether to participate on said research study or not (Cozby, 2009).

The three principles outlined by the Belmont report are beneficence, respect for a person’s autonomy, and justice (Cozby, 2009.

Because minors may lack the ability to make an informed and rational decision, it is a concern when signing minors up for a research study and therefore, an additional agreement and/or consent should be signed by a parent or guardian of said minor (Cozby, 2009).

5. What is the function of an institutional review board?

The function of an institutional review board is to review research conducted for the purpose of insuring the wellbeing of human research participants, and therefore, any institution that operates on federal funds or receives federal funds for the conduction and implementation of research programs must have an Institutional Review Board (IRB) (Cozby, 2009).

6. What is an operational definition of a variable? How might the variable sense of humor be defined operationally? (2 points)

According to Cozby (2009) “scientists refer to the operational definition of a variable –a definition of the variable in terms of the operations or techniques the researcher uses to measure or manipulate it” (p. 67). Sense of humor may be defined as operationally because the person engaged in the behavior is able to control, his actions, words and general behavior leading to humor. In other words a person has the ability to control how funny...

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