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Week 2 Homework Assignment: What Cultural Factors Must U.S. Sports Franchises Overcome To Increase Popularity Abroad? Why? How Can Franchises Ensure Their Products Are Appropriate For International Markets? Should

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Jenell Obie
Nov. 9, 2014
Professor Daryl Fields
Homework Assignment #2 
Sports are very important part of the culture of the United States. When planning to expend a U.S franchise overseas, you need to think of all the factors of local cultures and have a plan to be able to overcome those factors to increase popularity abroad. To be able to attract new athletes, you must understand the cultural differences of their countries. So when taking sport franchises overseas is to make sure we understand the social structures, religion, manners, customs, values, attitudes, language, and personal communication.
Just because it’s popular here in America doesn’t mean it will be a hit in other ...view middle of the document...

One of the best sports at this is soccer. Soccer relates to almost all countries because it doesn’t take much to play it. Professionally you will have to have equipment but just recreationally all you need is a ball and yourself. Soccer does not mix religion and politics with their sport. If franchises make sure that their professional image is repeated across the board then there should be no problems in the international market. (McCafferty, S., n.d.)
With anything there are pros and cons to the situation but yes, I think governments should protect their industries by placing tariffs on imported products. The imposition of tariffs on foreign imports, as well as other foreign trade policies, is commonly justified for at least five of reasons.
“Domestic Employment: Because foreign imports are produced in other countries by foreign workers, decreasing imports and increasing domestic production also increases domestic employment.”
“Low Foreign Wages: Placing tariffs on imports produced by foreign workers who receive lower wages "levels the competitive playing field" compared to domestic goods produced by higher paid domestic workers.”
“Infant Industry: If foreign imports compete with a relatively young domestic industry that is...

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