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Week 2 Dq1 Essay

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week 2Week 2 DQ1
Write a 200- to 300-word short answer to the following questions:

Describe how joint application design (JAD) might be considered a better information-gathering technique than the traditional method of requirements gathering?  What are its shortcomings?
The existing method entailed application developers spending months learning the specifics of a particular department or job function, and then developing an application for the function or department. In addition to significant development backlog delays, this process resulted in applications taking years to develop, and often not being fully accepted by the application users. (JAD) is a process used in the prototyping ...view middle of the document...

In the end, this process will result in a new information system that is feasible and appealing to both the designers and end users.
JAD decreases time and costs associated with requirements elicitation process. During 2-4 weeks information not only is collected, but requirements, agreed upon by various system users, are identified. Experience with JAD allows companies to customize their systems analysis process into even more dynamic ones like Double Helix, a methodology for mission-critical work.
JAD sessions help bring experts together giving them a chance to share their views, understand views of others, and develop the sense of project ownership.
The methods of JAD implementation are well known, as it is "the first accelerated design technique available on the market and probably best known", and can easily be applied by any organization.

Easy integration of CASE tools into JAD workshops improves session productivity and provides systems analysts with discussed and ready to use models.

"Do your homework". Without multifaceted preparation for a JAD session, valuable time of professionals can be wasted easily. The wrong problem can be addressed, the wrong people can be invited to...

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