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Week 1 Written Action Assignment

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SOCS 325 – Environmental Sociology
DeVry University Online

Week 1 Written Action Assignment

Environmental Injustice
Cane Run Power Plant

November 9, 2014

Environmental Injustice
Cane Run Power Plant
For this assignment about environmental injustice I have decided on the Cane Run Power Plant, also known as the operating site for Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E), a coal-fired plant that is owned and operated by Louisville Gas and Electric in Louisville, Kentucky, located in Pleasure Ridge Park neighborhood. I will describe how the utility company LG&E is guilty of Environmental injustice to the Louisville residents of the Pleasure Ridge Park ...view middle of the document...

Residents have reported damage to their lawn, as well as several thousands of dollars to there home that from the coal ash and dust. The residents report that the debris cannot be wiped clean with water, that the debris must in fact be cleaned with chemicals. The damage has been going on for so long that some surfaces on their homes are not fixable, but must be completely replaced (Unknown, Author 2013). The Company LG&E has been fined $150,000 in various violations at their plant since 2011 by The Air Pollution Control District, which is a government ran regulation department managed by the city. Only $113,000 has been paid (Peterson 2014). The numerous violations and fines against the plant is a huge red flag. Recently residents reported an unbearable stench, stronger than the usual, coming from the Plant that lasted an entire weekend. A spokeswomen from LG&E Cane Run Power plant, Natasha Collins, came forward and stated that the stench came from a thawed ditch near their coal-burning landfill was Hydrogen Sulfide (Bruggers 2014); a hazardous gas that can cause multiple health effects depending on the level of concentration (PPM) ranging from nausea to nearly instant death (Safety and Health Topics).

The Pleasure Park neighborhood residents have become furious with the negligence of the Cane Run Power Plant, so much so that they have come together in the filing of a class action lawsuit against the Louisville Gas and Electric Company. The residents in the lawsuit are arguing many issues with one being that Louisville Gas and Electric Company has violated the Clean Air Act as well as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act by allowing the coal ash and dust to leave Cane Run Power Plant’s property that contaminated their homes (Peterson 2014). Since the lawsuit, LG&E has not released any statements given that this is an open and active case, but they have indirectly responded by launching their plan publicly to stop burning coal at their Cane Run location, and in fact will be converting the plant to Natural gas (Cane Run Generating Station).

Analysis and Conclusion
This summary shows how massively big corporations can violate regulations and physically harm human beings and nothing...

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