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Week 1 Cango Video Analysis

2445 words - 10 pages

1. CanGo’s undefined Mission Statement
The absence of a clear Mission Statement as a road map for the company is needed for the company to survive in the market place and stay competitive. The mission statement of any establishment, defines the clear intension of a business in term of which road it will travel in the market place to stay competitive.
In the week -1 introductory video, CanGo seems to be doing very well in the market place. This was evidence by the telephone call that was made to Liz by the President of the Hudson Valley business association. When Liz was inverted to speak at the Hudson Valley business meeting to share her expertise with the rest of the business community, ...view middle of the document...

They include all aspects of the operations of the business including fair employment, obeying government business laws and participating in social activities in the community in which they operates. It is therefore observed that because CanGo lacks a professional foundation for an effective business operation, its ethical and moral values are also deeply affected.
CanGo must reinforce its moral and ethical standard if there is one. This will include but not limited to outlining the proper procedures that business are conducted. Setting guard lines or regulations between what it consider ethical and unethical activities, and making these absolute to override any human rationalization, weakness, ego, or personal faults.
3. CanGo Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
In review of the company information that was made available, it is evident that CanGo does not have a viable strategic plan in place that takes into account their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in its external environment (SWOT). In Video #2, week one, Liz made a statement that concurs with the findings, “I wonder how big CanGo would be today if I had been more on top of planning, what opportunities were missed, what was overlooked.” There is no indication that CanGo has ever looked into preparing a SWOT analysis and this can lead to poor decision making because the goal or mission has not been outlined.
Team formation and task delegation is not one of CanGo’s strong points and there appears to be no structure in business decision making. For example, CanGo is getting ready to seek a market in the online gaming business without taking into account if this is a good business opportunity or not. Ethel brought out this point in Video #1, week two when she stated that she thought the venture was a risky one to pursue. For a project to be successful, it takes a team approach and a well-organized Project Manager.
Team leadership can be very instrumental in the success of a project to ensure that the project stays on schedule, encouraging use of best practices, planning and scheduling activities, problem solving and helping to facilitate control. This is achieved through team dynamics, deliverables and meeting customer expectations. The utilization of a team based approach serves to improve performance and will ultimately increase the success of a project. Nick of CanGo has been assigned the Project Manager for the online gaming project and he does not appear to have the experience, organizational aptitude or maturity to lead this type of project successfully.
One of the strengths that CanGo has is that they have thus far been successful in their business venture; however in looking at a weakness, lack of a disciplined work environment, this could eventually lead to disastrous results for the company. There is an opportunity ahead of them that they are pursuing, but lack of planning will limit their success. Without a strategic plan...

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