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Wedding Ring: Is Never A Handcuff

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“A huge advantage of marriage is that when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with, marriage keeps you together until you fall in again” Judith Viorst”.
In recent decades, living together before marriage has become increasingly common in the United States. At least 50 – 70% of couples married during the 1990s cohabited premaritally (Bumpass and Lu 2; Stanley et al. 497). Many people, regardless of the gender, race, religious, cultural or ethnic background, believe that family is the nucleus of the society, and marriage is the only way for a stable society to exist and prosper. While I agree with this point of view, I also believe that marriage is a legitimate response to the basic biological instinct to have intimate relationships and experience parenthood for offspring. Furthermore, ...view middle of the document...

I disagree with her perception of marriage being not proven flexible enough to handle the demands of modern life (Gabel 75). In the contrary, I view commitment in marriage as way to adapt one’s changing needs to accommodate those of the other person involved in it. I, among many others, believe that marriage is a sacred institution and view it from a moral and religious perspective that transcends all conventional moralities, public interests and social structure. For Rick Santorum and his wife Karen, “parent’s strength comes from their love to their children and God’s love for them. According to them, family based on marriage, commitment and sacrifice is an excellent tool to give children a real head start on life” (Santorum 89,90). Several religions, Abrahamic religions in particular (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) provide specific rules to regulate the functioning of the family so that both spouses can live together in love, security but also peace. Both genders should unite under the divine commandments of God. Further, because marriage is viewed as the legitimate response to the basic biological instinct to have sexual relationships and experience parenthood for offspring. While the Abrahamic religions prescribe detailed rules and laws to answer questions from believers in giving legally enforceable rights and duties, not only spouses but also their children, these rules and laws vary significantly among the different religions. Interestingly, several sociologists and human developmental scientists seem to agree with this view and argue that the stability of the family has a significant impact on the development of children. The existence of both parents is very important and there is a growing body of evidence suggesting a positive outcome of parenting on children’s development.

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