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Wedding Ceremony In Malaysia Essay

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Indian weddings, also called ‘Vivaah’, are best known for the grandeur, traditions, grace, colors and almost carnival-type celebration associated with this sacred event (Patwari, 2013). There has been already said about the rituals, layout and dynamic parts of the wedding.
In pre-wedding rituals, the main wedding ceremony is preceded by two major events. One is the engagement ceremony and the other is the ‘Mehendi’ or ‘Sangeet’ ceremony (Patwari, 2013). The engagement ceremony takes place on an auspicious date fixed by the elders of the family after consultation with the priest. During this ceremony, the couple exchange wedding rings. ‘Mehendi’ is another fun-filled event ...view middle of the document...

Each round or phera has its own significance. In the first three rounds, the groom follows the bride which signifies that the bride will take charge in the earlier part of their life and in the next four rounds the groom leads which means he would lead in the later part.

Process of Chinese Wedding

When the boy’s parents identified a likely bride-to-be, they would send the go-between to present gifts to the girl’s parents and to sound out their feelings about the match. If the couple was compatible and both families agreed to the marriage, the boy's family would then send betrothal gifts to the girl's family. Then the girl's family would begin to prepare the dowry and send to the boy's family on a chosen date.On the wedding day,the bridegroom and his brothers would suit up and went to the bride’s house to fetch her. They have to give the ‘angpau’ which is a red packet containing money that have the meaning of bless and happiness.They also have to finish and win the test before fetching her wife-to-be. Then, the couple would perform formal bows. The rituals were also called "bowing to Heaven and Earth" (Traditional Chinese Weddings, 2013). After the bowing rituals, the couple would serve elders from both sides tea. Afterwards the bride will throw up the specially knitted ball and whoever grabs it is said to be the next person married. After that, relatives and friends to the wedding would be treated to a wedding feast. Then,
wedding guests, old and young, would play bridal chamber pranks and wouldn't leave till the dead of night. Thus, the wedding ceremony was finished.

Malay wedding

For Malay wedding, there are several levels must be...

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