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Website Review Table

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Website Review

Find national, state, and local governmental health agency websites that address the issue you selected in your Week One assignment. Follow the example to document your findings in the table.

Health issue: ____Obesity_______________________

|Website |Website Information Type |Type of Surveillance: |Data changes over time: Has|Identify two |
| | |survey, self-report, |the incidence increased or |interventions that |
| ...view middle of the document...|loss drug information |statistics |obese patients lose weight |obese patients that used|
|-against-obesity-/ |developed at The | |and keep it off but the FDA|Qnexa were lower. The |
| |University of Alabama in | |rejected the drug in 2010 |percentage of the drug's|
| |Birmingham, table of | |because of concerns of high|users who later |
| |contents | |heart rates and birth |developed diabetes was |
| | | |defects. |half of that for the |
| | | | |control group. |
|Local website: |Table of contents, |Self-reports and |With the help of different |Promote safe greenways, |
| |educational research, and|strategies. |partners the initiative is |bike lanes, sidewalks |
| |educational resources. | |to create a “climate for |and trails to connect |
| | | |change”. |neighborhoods. |
| | | | |Support development, |
| | | | |distribution and vending|
| | | | |policies that will |
| | | | |encourage more stores to|
| ...

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