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Website Design Plan
Jorge Lopez
Web Design I/WEB 236
February 11, 2013
Christine Gysin

This paper will present some of the best web design practices for development and design foundations with XHTML. The continuous web technology improvement has made it more efficient for web developers to design a website for e-commerce and social networking to reach a specific target audience.

There are several elements to take into consideration when designing a website, applying best practices to the web design are very important. The website organization is largely determined by the website architecture with three common types of web organization, which will be ...view middle of the document...

com music Internet Company. It will intuitively direct potential customers to the web pages that attract the companies target audience. The website purpose will entice audience to have interaction with the Jorgiestyle website with a lot more special quality during the initial visit.
The website will entice its visitors by supplying an interactive journey that visitors take to experience streaming music, however it is a self-guided visit, and guests will more than likely not click on the path the website could expect in less the website offers easy navigation through webpages for accessing the relevant information. A website with a well-defined purpose is unique and site visitors need to instantly acknowledge it with ease.
The Jorgiestyle music website identifies the purpose and will benefit the company by marketing to its target audience with valuable popular tags. When the time comes towards submitting the website to web directories, the word information inserted into the tags will entice visitors to visit the website.

Target Audience
As a web designer, it is essential to consider the target audience in the planning stage. This should possess a great influence on all the things the designer inputs on the website. The Jorgeiestyle website will be developed by the recognition of those that will be looking at the site and the major characteristics of those individuals. The purpose in design will focus the website in the manner that the target audience interacts with the site positively.
“Whatever your personal preferences, your Web site should be designed to appeal to your target audience, the people who will use your Web site. They may be teens, shoppers, college student, young couples, the list goes on and on. You should follow all of the recommended website design practices with an eye towards your target audience” (Terry Felke-Morris., 2011, p. 169).

Content Needs
The web designer on this project will definitely use structure techniques that concentrate on the content that the webpage will display. These techniques will present great headings as well as horizontal rules that control text flow in addition to creating great lists. Content constructing design practices are going to be used to allow the designer to develop a professional webpage that is commonly seen while browsing the web. These options will comprise of headings, horizontal rules, line breaks, and lists, which allow the content to be organized in a readable format.

Architecture Plan with Site Map
The architecture map of the website will provide a roadmap with a visual communication aspect rather than textual communication. A visual representation of the website can describe the overall map of the website design plan and structure. The website organization is largely determined by the website architecture with three common types of web organization, The designer must concentrate on the target audience for the website and...

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