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Website Lesson Plans Essay

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Running head: (NCTM) Standards: Website Lesson Plans

(NCTM) Standards: Website Lesson Plans
Jennifer Martin
Grand Canyon University: EED-364
April 21, 2013

“The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is the public voice of mathematics education, supporting teachers to ensure equitable mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students through vision, leadership, professional development, and research.” (NCTM, 2013) The standards that The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NTCM) came up with are widely used in the mathematics classrooms in US today. There are many websites that offer different things that use these standards and help the ...view middle of the document...

The teacher could place a student that has a lower level of learning with a student that is in the advanced learning group. The students could work together to figure out what fraction of the s’mores was shown. Also the teacher may have the advanced learning students working on making harder fractions such as 5/8 or 7/10 and allow the lower learning students to show fractions such as 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4. This would allow all of the students to feel like they were included as well.
These lesson plans are important to the understanding of mathematics to the students because it will help them to be able to figure out what part of a fraction is represented. The activities in this lesson can help the students understanding of fractions by allowing them to see the fractions of the s’mores which help them to see what part is missing from the whole s’more.
Lesson #2: Life Is Full of Problems
This lesson plan allows the students to use the process of estimation and trial and error to figure out the problems that they are given. Students should be able to use a variety of problem-solving methods to solve and understand math word problems. For example when the students are asked about how many heads and feet they are being asked to use their minds to figure the problem out. They tend to want to lean more towards doing the problems the simplest way possible. However they need to use the knowledge that they have to figure out the answer to the problem.
This lesson plan is intended to be used by 4th grade teachers. This lesson does have a differentiated assignment for the students that are in the lower learning set of students. The teacher may allow the students to work in larger groups and also may allow the students to solve easier problems that still go along with the same learning objectives as the regular and advanced learning students.
The activities in this lesson plan allow the students to be able to use estimation and an educated guess to try to figure out the answer to a problem. There were not any manipulative used but big ten blocks could be used to help the students estimated a little closer to the correct number.

Lesson Plan #3: Once Upon a Math Lesson….
Everyone Had Fun!
In this lesson language art is incorporated with mathematics. The mathematics standards that the students will be able to understand at the end of this...

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