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Web Site Legal, Ethical, And Regulatory Issues

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IntroductionThe three e-Business Web sites the team analyzed are,, and The sites fall under the category of travel so it would seem that each company would encounter the same ethical, legal, and regulatory issues. An evaluation of each site will determine what, if any, of the above mentioned issues each e-business encounters and what resolutions are in place.ExpediaThe laws of the State of Washington govern Expedia, Inc. Jurisdiction for a dispute that may arise from use of the web site will fall under the courts in King County, Washington. Expedia is a registered seller of travel in California, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, and Washington. ...view middle of the document...

To ensure safe sending of personal information over the Internet, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protects the data. Expedia has obtained a digital certificate from RSA Data Security, Inc, a producer of software and hardware used to protect network access. Information about a visitor's computer is collected when the site is visited and a cookie is assigned; the cookie does not contain personal information. does not sell or rent consumer personal information to anyone, although, data collected is shared with authorized service providers associated with Expedia. Expedia partners with third party web sites but does not share consumer personal information with the sites. There are locations on Expedia's site that may link a consumer to other web sites not operating under Expedia privacy pledge; information supplied to the site no longer falls under Expedia's privacy policy ('s Privacy Policy, 2005).OrbitzCendant Corporation purchased Orbitz in November 2004. Orbitz claims to guard privacy and security and is certified by TRUSTe and Verisign. Orbitz is registered seller of travel in California, Hawaii, Iowa, Nevada, and Washington (, 2005).In Orbitz's terms and conditions section intellectual property in relation to ownership rights, trademarks, and copyrights are described. The laws of the State of Illinois govern Orbitz and legal action must be filed in state and federal courts in Cook County, Illinois. According to ownership rights, the site is the exclusive property of Orbitz or its licensors and is protected by worldwide laws for copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets, and unfair competition through laws and treaties and unauthorized use may violate the laws. The trademarks may not be copied or distributed in any way without permission from Orbitz (, Terms & Conditions, 2005).Orbitz offers a low fare promise and low price guarantee (, 2005) to its customers. The low fare promise states that a customer may be entitled to a $50 coupon per ticket to be used toward the next Orbitz purchase. The fare must be at least $5.00 less per ticket and the claim must be filed by midnight of the same day that you booked your flight. The low price guarantee applies to OrbitzSaver online hotel rates. To qualify for a refund equal to the difference in the rate the customer must notify Orbitz within 24 hours of the prepaid hotel booking.Orbitz privacy policy (, 2005) identifies what personal information is collected, how the information is used, to whom personal information is disclosed, and what their privacy entails. Personal information may be disclosed to organizations that provide a service on behalf of Orbitz that relates to the customers travel plans (airlines, hotels, etc), to companies offering promotions and sweepstakes, and to comply with court ordered information. To protect personal information Orbitz utilizes technological safeguards and credit card information transmitted is...

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