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Web Or Print? Essay

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Dylan Wyrick
Essay 2
Web? Or Print?
When looking doing research and looking up different sources most students just go straight to the internet and use the first web page they find that deals with their topic. This is not a very strong method to use when attempting to find strong, credible information. It’s also beneficial to find some type of print source as well such as books, newspaper articles, magazines etc. Most professors and librarians recommend print sources rather than web sources because they tend to be more reliable. But with my topic, the urban legend of a man being fatally poisoned from a harmful pesticide when chewing on his golf tee, I found that my ...view middle of the document...

“ Claire Connelly, a “fresh air freak” from Baltimore, used to delight in watching her daughter, Megan, now 4, gather dandelions during daily walks. But in April 1984 Megan came down with a high fever and a strange rash whenever a lawn in the neighborhood was sprayed. Then one hot, windy summer’s day, after lawn-care companies had sprayed four yards across the street, Megan became violently ill. By the next morning she was almost catatonic” (Scannell). Unlike the print source the author gives more examples of priors symptoms with direct quotes from his wife Liza, “The next morning the rash developed into blisters, some of which were the size of baseballs. Then the blisters started to break, and the skin came peeling off all over his body” (Liza Prior). The author also had information from the Navy stating that Prior had just passed a difficult physical and was in top condition with no history of allergies. My web source obviously contains much more information to back up its purpose which is one of the reasons I believe it is much more credible than my print source.
When it comes to arguing its point of view my print source doesn’t do a very good job simply because it doesn’t give a lot of information and examples, nor does it consider opposing viewpoints. It does, however, argue its point of view pretty good by talking mainly about the death of Lieut. Prior which is primarily the...

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