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Web Management Essay

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Introduction to Website

Within this assignment I will be designing a website for the Premier Lodge hotel. This website will be used to help the hotel attract more customers. By doing this will help the hotel build a good reputation and hopefully generate a good profit for the hotel as well.
Another thing I will discuss is who my target audience is and how I will create my storyboards and site maps. I will also include a test plan and evaluation procedure to which will be used to check how my website looks overall. Once I have completed all of this I will begin to code the website using HTML and adding relevant images and text to it.
Target Audience
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Also internet search engines can help us attract customers as a lot of people use the internet to find the best deals, we can take advantage of this through our website promoting our top deals and room prices as well.
Design Process
When producing the website I will be coding it in HTML format, I will be building this from scratch. Whilst doing this I will incorporate text and relevant images to the website to make it more presentable and overall more appealable.
I will also be using various graphics throughout the website. Also I will be adding hyperlink texts to make sure I get the best navigation throughout the website. I will also be using Java Applets to incorporate images and other features on my website, by doing this I will be making the website look better overall.

Before I start building the website I have made a list of objectives for me to achieve and to make sure I have designed it to a good standard. Whilst designing the website I will make sure it will be;
• Informative – make sure it provides the appropriate information to the target audience.
• Easy to Navigate – make sure it’s quick to load and navigate, easy to understand for the customers.
• Build awareness to customers of our Hotel – make sure we are getting our name out there for all our targeted customers to know we exist.
• Attract customers to stay at Premier Lodge – make sure we provide a reason for the customers to come and stay with us.
• Quality content – in depth and easy to understand content with relevant images and text.

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