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Web Conferencing Essay

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Jane Doe
EHR/120 Unit 8 Web Conferencing Assignment
January 15, 2012

This is a 5 minute-long YouTube video script on how to train co-workers in guidelines for using web conferencing. This summary will account for the length of the video. It will include a plan for reducing background noise, visual distractions, and jerky movement. It will plan for appropriate distribution of the video. It will cover web conferencing and its uses along with good guidelines for web-conferencing.
Web conferencing is a network based technology used for a variety of purposes. It is mainly used for training and meetings. For example, there are live web-based courses used to train students and employees in a workplace or school settings. It is said to have an “asynchronous supplement” in training.
Because web conferencing is based to network technology the connection ...view middle of the document...

One should also account for background noise as it could be a major distraction for learners. Make sure your background is quiet and free from distractions.

Large bold fonts will be useful to keep the attention of the student or learner. Limiting text will allow for important points to be covered during the presentation. Using the right background will allow for colors to contrast in the proper manner and will look more professional. Avoiding tedious animations is a great way to avoid visual distractions from your main points. Providing learning objectives will prepare the learner for what is about to take place during the presentation. Limiting background noises will allow the user to remain focused on the presentation and absorbs all important points covered in the presentation material.

The maximum length of the training session should be limited to 60 minutes or less. The audience should also be limited so everyone gets the opportunity to view the screen. One must also take time zones into consideration for training over long distances. If there are remote learners, the host must be sure to make sure they do not have any questions or issues with their technologies. It is also a good idea to plan on how to close the session to make it an overall good experience. If issues are addressed in advance, the web conferencing should run smoothly and the host will achieve positive results with the learning session.
As a wrap up, we covered training co-workers on web conferencing. Web conferencing is a network based technology used for instructional purposes. In order to make a web conference effective; the technology must be free of issues; the right tips must be followed; distractions should be avoided; the length of the training must be accounted for; and remote learning issues must be addressed.


Component 20 Training and Instructional Design Unit 8 Web 2.0 and Social Networking Tools

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