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Web Campaign Essay

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* Drive targeted traffic to the Facebook page and increase “Likes” of Social Magazine by 300 in a 6 month period.
* Increase followers on Twitter
* Develop customer relations through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook
* Establish the company in local search
* Increase the customer database by 20% each week.

Through the Web Campaign we aim to use the company’s Facebook page as a dominant source of information since the company’s website is currently under construction.

Through this campaign, our aim is to spread awareness of the magazine, attract new readers, and keep current readers from switching over to other magazines.
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4. Editorial Interaction
Among the more popular pages in many magazines are the Letters to the Editor, because readers enjoy seeing what other readers think of a writer’s take on a particular story. Social media websites not only make it possible for readers to post their “Letters to the Editor” immediately, but also for editorial staff members to respond, generating a back-and-forth interaction that draws readers closer to the product. Today more than ever, readers enjoy being “close to the story”, and this interaction with writers, photographers and editors gives them that satisfaction.
As part of the web campaign our team suggested building a Social media optimization (SMO) plan. A SMO allows companies to capitalize on large communities of people by bringing their marketing strategies into a realm where their brand can be discussed, and where they can influence opinion on your product or service.
• Maintenance of social profiles: set up and maintain up to date company profile at major social media sites. Creating and maintaining a current profile is essential to establishing your online presence and giving a “face” to your name.
• Submission of content on social book marking sites: Submitting content to social book marking sites, forums, and other online media sites. This can include blog development, article marketing, press releases and more.
• Communication with others: Communication with other users benefits a business’s online profiles on platforms like Facebook and Twitter and helps ensure that content you submit to social sites gains visibility.
• Link Building: Clicking a link from a trusted source is one of the most popular ways for people to find a new website. Incoming links can help search engines build trust in a site and visitors’ trust in the company.

In addition to social media marketing, we suggested using Search Engine Optimization techniques to gain visibility. Integration of keyword research into the web campaign is suggested, not just for maximizing the presence on the various social platforms and profiles but also for finding and understanding micro audiences, influencers and communities. This can be achieved by:

* Signing up on sites most targeted toward the customers. Since the magazine is popular in Central and South Jersey areas, the client could register for free with local town sites and other entertainment sites like : and

* Purchasing keyword advertising from Google Adwords will keep the magazine name in front of the target audience in a way that when they search for local events and local offers in their area, Social Magazine will pop up in their search. The company may pay either for every click on a contextual ad (cost-per-click-bidding). Following are some keyword searches suggested by Google Adwords with details on the competition and how popular those searches are.

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