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Web And Mobile Paper

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Web or Mobile System Paper
Robert Slade
Michael Scott

Web or Mobile System Paper
In the past few years we have witnessed the rapid growth within the wireless industry, in both mobile technology and with its subscribers. From landlines to mobile cell phones there has been a noticeable shift especially starting this century. With the progress of technology in mobile markets now a days, business environments are now being shaped by it.
Businesses who have implemented mobile services within their company by way of smart phones, laptops, and tablets will allow employees to do other things, like being mobile when helping out a customer instead of being stationary. This ...view middle of the document...

Facebook is used by many different people for many different reasons. You have those people who will use Facebook just to keep in touch with their family and friends which is a great way to stay in contact we one another and keep them posted on what's going on in your life. Some others may just get on Facebook to update status and upload pictures. However, when I get on the site, I like to visit my favorite pages, I like to laugh and there's an abundance of funny stuff on the site. I also have a couple game apps that I play a little to much, such as chess and Dragon play poker which my girlfriend says I play entirely to much, but I find the game to be relaxing and enjoy them very much. Then there's the Facebook messenger app that you can download, that will alert you whenever you get a message which helps you get your messages faster. However, I would not recommend the messenger app because of all the bad publicity it has been giving involving how it allows Facebook to invade ones private business.
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