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Weathering The Storm Essay

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“Weathering the Storm”

Caralynn (2009) reflects on the publishing of “Failure” by Philip Schultz, in concert with the effects that the current global economic crisis is having on millions of Americans and their families. Caralynn begins her consideration of the consequences of failure in the current economic downturn by focusing on a bright, New Jersey poet, who overcomes an adolescent case of dyslexic, to ironically become a famous Pulitzer Prize Author. Her thoughts about Philip Schultz’ work, especially in his collection simply called “Failure”, characterizes how generations of thinking in regards to economic and personal success, have been changed forever. The ...view middle of the document...

The author seems to not only pose the question as to whether failing is a part of the equation that eventually leads to someone’s eventual success, but implies that it is pinnacle in doing so. She gives examples of high profile success stories and reasons why without personal setbacks, these people would have never reach the goals they set out to achieve. She mentioned J.K. Rowling, billionaire author of the Harry Potter series, and how her struggles with her marriage, discourse with her parents, and eventual homelessness and poverty had led her back to her childhood dream of being a writer. “It taught me things about myself I could have learned no other way.” Another was Steve Jobs, who outlined three apparent setbacks, being diagnosed with cancer, dropping out of college, and being terminated from Apple, the company that he once founded. Each failure forced him to take a step backwards just to gain perspective on his long term view of his life. “I have failed over and over again, and that is why I succeed.”
The author stresses that our learning is error-driven, and that the brain tends to be acutely more sensitive to negative feedback, and this “negative bias”, increases our ability to learn quicker. Even thought failure, in her opinion, is a huge ingredient for a person’s accomplishments, it is the same ingredient that pushes some people deeper into the mud, while making others that much stronger. “Failing better” was her outcome, which is boiled down into three separate parts. “It’s a matter of controlling your emotions, adjusting our thinking, and recalibrating our beliefs about ourselves and what we can do in the world.” Her words were echoed in this article many times by “Some people learn from failure and bounce back stronger, for others, failure destroys them. Be one of the ones who rise from the ashes.”
The author broke down, “the ways to fail better” into nine different categories. The first one begins with “lightening up”, promoting people to have a sense of humor, and to comprehend when they are taking situations – and themselves – way too seriously. The second focuses on the “join the club mentality.” The famous quote here is “Misery Loves Company”, which shows there is real value in commiseration between people who have similar stories and backgrounds and sometimes rocky pasts. ...

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