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‘We See Examples Of Design Throughout The Natural World And Conclude That An Intelligent Designer Is Clearly Demonstrated.’ Assess Whether This Argument Succeeds

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‘We see examples of design throughout the natural world and conclude that an intelligent designer is clearly demonstrated.’ Assess whether this argument succeeds.

The idea of an intelligent designer has split philosophers down the middle. Many different arguments are proposed by philosophers on each side as to why an Intelligent designer exists or doesn't exist. Arguments both from and for design present clearly that there is a god and we know this just by looking at objects around us. However it can be questionable that would an intelligent designer design diseases such as cancer , this rules out the possibility of an omnipotent designer.

Examples of design are practically ever, from ...view middle of the document...

For example the fennec fox has very large ears so it can hear its predators giving it time to escape and not get eaten meaning it can breed with other foxes and pass down the genetic mutation as it's a survival advantage. So things like the Fennec foxes ear may appear to be very complex however it is over millions of years of mutations that they have come to be so large as they have a survival advantage.

However, the evolution argument is held by many believers of an intelligent designer, surely they are contradicting themselves? No. It can be argued that the intelligent designer knew that such survival advantages would be needed so created the possibility for this to happen, god set up the universe so that life evolves by natural selection otherwise we would still all be cave worms. This is known as the fine tuning argument.

These are all arguments that can be taken from design, however you can look at it from a different perspective and start from the other end. David Hume express an argument from this point of view. He says that human inventions display purpose, binoculars allow us to see into the distance, cars allow us to get from A to B quicker and picture frames allow us to display artwork and photos clearly and decoratively. He argues that natural objects display purposes as well, the gills on the fish, the long finger on an Madagascan aye aye allow it to reach inside a tree and pick out a nest of grubs which means it can eat food that no other animals can get to. ...

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