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We Can Lose Our Identity And Sense Of Belonging When Our Environment Changes Growing Up Asian In Australia

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We can lose our identity and sense of belonging when our environment changes

Within the lives of every individual there are groups of people who help us to give a deeper understanding of who we are as a person. These groups can stem of friendships, hobbies, family, age and cultural heritage. Sometimes these factors define who we are as an individual and other times it’s what we choose to do and follow that defines our identity. The question is does environment play any role when it comes to identity and a sense of belonging?
This is a story of a girl named Violet Viola Violent
Violet Violent was a typical sixteen year old teenager, she had light blonde curly hair, clear blue eyes and ...view middle of the document...

She hated the fact that she had to walk everywhere instead of teleporting herself. As the days went by, it became difficult for Violet to cope and complete the daily activities without using her gifted power. Especially, during game session held at the gym. Violet knew she could lead the team to victory, if only she could use her super powers but as she was forbidden. As it would have sent off a signal to the Justice League, who then would have asked Violet to become part of Young Justice while Chris and Jeremy preferred Violet to become an avenger instead.
Every day, for the last seven days, Miss Violent cried in her room after school, as she felt homesick. Every night Violet would lay awake in her bed, staring blankly at her white ceiling. She would think about what she could do to fit in, to be part of a group, to be accepted into the society. These thoughts always wandered through her mind and every night she would tell herself that tomorrow was going to be different.
One morning, while Violet was at her locker, unpacking her bag. A guy named, Oliver Queen had approached her with big smile on his face, hoping to start a friendly conversation. Violet was truly amazed at what she had just experienced. Few days went by and Oliver had finally confessed to Violet on why he started to talk to her. Oliver Queen...

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