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We Are The Same Essay

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We are the same from the inside why should race and gender matter? Holmes is trying to make people understand that our social inequalities are being perceived as normal when in reality they aren't. He talks about how migrant workers have been treated for years being looked down upon as something less in our society. The whole concept is that Holmes is exposing the harsh reality and that we need to change the way we treat certain people politically, legally, and symbolically. Moreover, another label society has imprinted as normal in the past, but has come a long way, is the ideal of men being better than women ultimately getting the upper hand. Gender inequality has made a major impact on ...view middle of the document...

In reason that gender is considered to be a master status, women are seen to be a political demographic. In other words, "women" are believed to have certain political priorities, usually having to do with education and children, that unify all women as a voting block. I, personally, have not taken the right to vote for granted and registered for it as soon as I turned 18. I believe in general more teens take for granted their rights to vote, which is the cause for minimal action in our political system by the youth.
On the other hand, gender is evidently shaped by society through a process of socialization. A society defines gender roles; it's socializing agents that pass the definition generation to generation. These agents of socialization, which are the family, school, peers, the church, the media, and other establishments, commence shaping individuals as soon as they are born. Primary socialization, which happens between infancy and adolescence, is contributory in shaping our gender identities. The family plays a central part throughout this period and has been found to strengthen gender stereotypes: “females were socialized to be dependent, fragile, unaggressive, sensitive, nurturant, and hesitant to take risks. Males were seen as being socialized in the home to be strong, confident, independent, and daring” (Peters, 135). Socialization reinforces gender roles. These social roles impact our choices in life, starting from what toys a kid plays with, what an individual may study, and even the jobs they may consider. This is the social impact that keeps allowing men to be above the women, not only in our country but in our world. I have noticed this effect in not only my life but others around me. What seems like the “norm” is not really that normal once you step out and see the full picture. Nowadays, people have realized this and are making a change in how gender is viewed and different definitions to it in the masculine and feminine way. I believe in the last couple of years we have been able to make mass changes in the United States with the concept of gender role with women and men starting to see each other as equal.
Moreover, gender stereotypes are well-established, both among women and among men. They influence the degree to which women and men share the same responsibilities, particularly in domestic childcare and work. Also, play a role to an explanation as to why there are gender gaps in the labor market. Women and men have different attitudes and behaviors. On average women are considerably less expected than men to make dicey choices and to engage competition. These are the differences...

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