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Wbs (Work Breakdown Structure) Essay

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Explain the content of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and discuss its role in project management and the connection to the organisation.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a tool that is used to define the work elements of a project and identify its entire scope. It is the map of the project which identifies all elements of the project and allows managers to keep track and control of it. It is made of a hierarchy which facilitates the evaluation of cost, time and performance at all levels of the project life-cycle and organization. The structure illustrates the smaller units and allows for adaptation and quick communication if there a problems which need to be addressed. Definitions of ...view middle of the document...

Maybe needs an example
* Milestones
The milestones are an essential part it represents the rough-cut and estimates of time, cost and the resources needed for the project. E.g. If you have a fashion outlet event one could start by estimating how much time it would take to fill the location with clothes. After you could see what is needed as resources, labour hours, and finally how much the cost would be. The milestones are also used as deadlines for the certain deliverables to take place.
* Technical requirements
Technical requirements are needed because there can occur some technical issues, when you are dealing with a product or service. For instance in an outlet event would have security guards to prevent that any product would be stolen. Or one could also have easy connection to the fire department in case of a fire. If you are expatiating/servicing customers by using a computer, then you wish for fast and reliable machines for servicing the customers.
* Limits and exclusions
Limits and exclusions can be dived up in two.
Limits are to be seen as false expectations for the customers as well as consume the resources incorrect. This issue can also lead to customers would be billed for extra costs than what have agreed on in the contract. Exclusions are what are not supplemented in the contract. Since it is an outlet event there wouldn’t be quality service as there would be in a regular store.
* Reviews with customer
Review with the customer would normally concern understanding expectations to the scope. Furthermore it concentrates on if the project definition identifies the key accomplishments, such as budgets, the estimations and performance requirements. (Gray & Larson 2008, 92)
The project scope has been explained in regards to the WBS, it has been explained in order to elaborate the project scope, herby going onto the project priorities.

The project priorities are in regards what should be prioritised in the project. What is to be taking in regards in terms of cost is (budget), time (schedule), and performance (scope) of the project. What is important to emphasise on here is how these three correlate with one another. In a case where time is important it would be necessary to perform faster, which will prevent a quality outcome, hence lead to reduced costs. The importance of a project manager is to control the trade-offs between budgets and scope. The project managers functions as a link between upper management and project customers. The project manager needs to have keen understanding of project scope in order to fulfil the requirements for the customers and how prioritize the demands. The customer can also add requirements and then the manager...

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