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Ways Of Knowing Essay

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Ways of Knowing
Nursing is a very rewording profession which can blossom when incorporated into practice of Carper’s fundamental patterns of thinking. After reading Cotton and Roden article (December 2006 – January 2007), I realized great importance of understanding and implementing four concepts of thinking into daily nursing practice. According to Carper (1978:21-22) empirics, aesthetics, personal and ethical way of knowing in nursing are ‘necessary for achieving mastery in the discipline’. I believe that implementing those four patterns of knowing into daily nursing care is vital in order to provide best quality care for each patient. Nursing care should be implemented in flexible, ...view middle of the document...

I believe that I have been using this pattern of knowing with my dementia patients. I often would find myself trying to calm agitated, paranoid and suspicious dementia resident. I remember one of my patients, Mrs. Jean. She would often get angry and upset with other patients that would get belligerent. Mrs. Jean would stand up and point her finger at the other patient saying “We don’t behave like this!” I would often redirect Mrs. Jean by taking her for a walk; I would sit with her, listen, and hold her hand. She would explain to me that as a kindergarten teacher this behavior is not acceptable. I used therapeutic touch, listening skills, along with a smile in order to gain her trust and provide inner comfort. As Stein-Parbury (2005) argued “nurses must be empathetic before they can engage in any therapeutic relationships”

Ethical Way of Knowing
Ethics play vital role when taking care of our patients with diverse cultures and backgrounds. According to Carper (1978: 20) ethical way of knowing is ‘focused on matters of obligation or what out to be done in terms of specific action to be taken in specific, concrete situation’ (p 21). I often struggle at my work with some decisions made by loved ones on behalf of patients. I clearly remember one of my patients’s who was sent out to hospital on numerous occasions because of respiratory distress. Yolanda had a chronic asthma attacks, she would often be diagnosed with pneumonia. She was receiving 02 via nasal cannula, was on schedule nebulizing treatments, and was receiving respiratory therapy. She would often have difficulty breathing in spite of receiving 02, nebulizer treatments, and maintenance prednisone therapy. On numerous occasions she was diagnosed with pneumonia and was treated with antibiotics per MD order. Since this patient was a full code status, each time that her 02 saturation would drop and her respiratory condition deteriorated she was sent out 911. After multiple trips to ER and no improvements in patient health condition DNR option has been discussed with her Power of Attorney. I tried to convey patient’s wishes to her daughter; I explained that patient is repeatedly begging nurses to stay when found in distress. She would often cry “Just let me stay here with you honey, they will not fix me”. Her daughter was Italian, also an RN who stated “You need to do everything possible for mama, we can’t let her go”. Last...

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