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Wave Novel Study Essay

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Independent Novel Study: Wave
Part A: Plot
1. The point of view in which the story is written is of Sam and Beth Brooks, two siblings who have been separated at Christmas in 2004, with Sam on vacation away from home and Beth forcibly staying at university for a swim meet that she must attend. I believe that the author chose to write from these perspectives because both characters are greatly affected greatly by the main plot, though dealing with it in two different situations. Sam is experiencing the entire story from Phuket, Thailand, where they are hit with a tsunami. Beth was in New York at her dorm, first learning about ...view middle of the document...

After Beth hears about the events that have taken place where the rest of her family is located, she immediately decides to book a plane to Thailand in search of her loved ones. She hopes they are still alive, which we unfortunately learn is not the case. The type of conflict shown in this novel is man/woman vs. nature, since Sam and Beth are left to deal with the long-term effects of the tidal wave.
4. The resolution of the story was when Beth overcame the obstacles after finding her father dead under one of the tarps at the temple on Phuket and learning about her mothers' probable disappearance. She continues on to find Sam safe in a hospital located on the main land, having to share the sad information about their beloved parents. The conflict was resolved when Beth had the courage to go on, even after the terrible news she earlier received. I believe that the resolution had both a positive and a negative outcome because Beth and Sam still lost their parents, but in the process matured in knowing that they can move on together after these challenges, and they will be able to survive even if it is not in the way that they had hoped. What the protagonist has learned through her experiences is that things do not always go the way you want, but you will learn to cope with the impact of such a devastating situation.
Part B: Character Sketch
5. Physically the protagonist, Beth Brooks, is a brunette-haired, very healthy and active 18-year-old university student, with a very loving family, who she cares very deeply for. Having always been a swimmer, Beth has made the choice to give up her Christmas vacation with the family to compete in a swim meet at university. Beth is a very brave character, showing an overwhelming amount of courage when she travels far away from home to the site of a horrendous tsunami that her parents and brother have been caught up in. The character's physical qualities are important to the story because without her valour, the story could come to an end.
6. The most important thing that the protagonist did in the story was make the journey to Phuket, Thailand to find her family. Though Beth's father was killed during the second wave at their resort, and her mother was likely taken away by the tide with no way of fighting since the wave was strong and she had multiple sclerosis, Beth still had to be there for her younger brother Sam. The importance of this action was her brother may have never been found and brought home. We might have never known what was to become of any of the characters if Beth had not literally come to the rescue.
7. What others on the island say about the protagonist in the story is that she is very brave to be coming towards the madness of the after-effects of a major tsunami instead of trying to escape it. How others react to the protaganist is they are very respectful and helpful with finding her family. Beth meets a young man named Seth at the Buddhist temple on the...

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