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Water Sampling In Palaui Islands Essay

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I. Introduction
I.1 Background of the Study
Water is one of the basic physiologic needs of every human being. It’s usage for personal consumption such as hydration, hygiene and daily activities are the main needs that compel humans to seek water, hence the sources of these necessities are important to analyze as to their safety and sanitation. It is significant to consider its correlation to any possible widespread of water borne diarrheal diseases considering the practice and knowledge of people in the community who consume water source from untreated supplies. The selected site for study is a locale place named Palaui Island, it lies within the Cagayan Special Economic Zone, a ...view middle of the document...

The only water source was not enough for the whole school community (Gumbo and Sibiya, 2013).

Another study entitled “Household Hygiene Improvement Survey in Yemen: Knowledge,
Practices, and Coverage of Water Supply Sanitation, and Hygiene” was done and findings showed that the major cause of childhood morbidities, include diarrheal disease, acute respiratory infection, and parasitic diseases. The said survey evaluated the households’ environmental knowledge, attitudes/perceptions, and practices (KAP) was conducted in relation to water, sanitation, and hygiene for them to understand better specific needs of the district’s communities. It was concluded that the major contributive factor for these diseases are lack of access to safe water in at least half of the surveyed communities; improper handwashing and sanitation measures; inadequacy of community solid waste disposal practices; and general lack of awareness and information about healthy school environments and ways how to improve the environments of their local schools (Briggs, Emtinan and Keane, 2005).

Nationally, the latest report on state of water resource in the Philippines by Green Peace gathers available information regarding water resources in the Philippines, focusing on the issues of pollution, especially of drinking water and freshwater sources, and water scarcity. On the said report Region II or Cagayan Valley has the highest potential source of groundwater, while Region X or Northern Mindanao has the highest potential source of surface water. This same report projects that by year 2025, water availability deficit would take place in several river basins such as in Pampanga and Agno, in Pasig-Laguna, in Cagayan Valley, all other regions in Luzon, in Jalaur and Ilog Hilabangan, and in the island of Cebu in Visayas. (Greenpeace Southeast Asia, October 2007)

I.2 Statement of the Problem
Ensuring safe drinking water remains a big challenge in developing countries where waterborne diseases cause burden in many communities. A major challenge is limited knowledge, misinformation and attitudes that work against ensuring that drinking water is safe. The problem of the study is that what is the current status with regards to the knowledge, attitudes and practices of a fishing community in Palaui Island Barangay San Vicente, Sta. Ana, Cagayan concerning water safety and sanitation particularly the collection, treatment and storage of drinking water. Furthermore, this we will also examine the role of solid waste disposal and other potential sources of contamination in water safety.

I.3 Objectives of the study

The general objective of the study is to gain a better understanding of current knowledge, attitudes and practices of households in Palaui Island, in relation to water safety, sanitation and hygiene.

Specifically, the study aims:
1. To determine the demographic and socio-economic profile of the respondents
2. To evaluate existing local knowledge, practices and attitude...

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