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Water Resource Plan Sci275 Essay

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Week 6 Assignment Water Resource Plan
Jeff White
January 22, 2012

Week 6 Assignment Water Resource Plan
Groundwater consists of surface water of lakes and streams and the underground aquifers that feed them. Because groundwater is believed to be infinitely renewable in many areas of the world, the threat to it is not recognized. This is extremely dangerous because, in reality, groundwater cannot be naturally replenished and plans must be formed to protect it.
Many above ground reservoirs that are used as municipal water sources are feed by what are classified as “fossil aquifers”. These aquifers hold water that is, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of years old and they ...view middle of the document...

The other type is direct injection of the treated municipal water into the groundwater source. This is most often done where the topography does not support an Infiltration Basin.
These replenishment methods have many advantages. They include being easily accomplished due to their simplicity and are well understood by both technicians and the general public. These methods actually store water during precipitation periods and hold it for dry periods when demand is higher, aquifer water is replenished with high quality water, recharging also contributes to higher sustainable yields of aquifers, and these methods are environmentally attractive especially in more arid regions. In areas where these methods are being used such as Orange County California, significant amounts of waste water are no longer released into the Pacific Ocean, less water needs to be taken from northern California or the Colorado River, and could make Orange County “drought proof”. These methods could provide similar benefits to any community who employs them.
There are many people who will object to using so-called “waste water” and there are some dangers that back up these fears. For example, in more undeveloped regions or areas where financial benefits or laws are not in place, the quality of the treatment the water receives may be inconsistent and although these replenishment methods use natural soil filtration, there could still be bacteria in the water when it reaches the groundwater level. This is why EPA water treatment guidelines need to be...

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