Water Pollution Essay

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Energy Resource Plan

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Energy Resource Plan
I. Introduction
Energy has been a part of living. In most activities, energy is needed. From cooking, lighting, heating and cooling different places, to transportation, manufacturing, and in all of the daily activities, energy is used. As life situation improves due to modernization, energy consumption also rises. Energy provides lots of advantages to the people but it also has the capabilities to cause many negative impacts that no one will be happy about. The use of non-renewable fuels to generate energy is a major cause of pollution making the environment unsafe. The ...view middle of the document...

Energy required for either heating or cooling will be trimmed down. Ironing clothes in bulks will also help somehow.
To help the environment, the best easy and practical ways that will greatly help in reduction of carbohydrates emissions include walking going to short distance places. The use of bikes is a very healthy and effective way of eco-friendly transport. Car pooling and use of public transportation will greatly help in minimizing emissions. There are still many ways many each member can do personally to conserve energy and help the environment at the same time.

IV. Government efforts
The government needs to implement reforms that can lower CO2 emissions and at least slow down the use of nonrenewable resources by providing other alternative. A plan must be devised to reduce wastes in every facility either governmental or privately owned. The issues involved with energy consumption must be closely monitored by the government and as needed reinforcement of appropriate acts to deal with the problem should be considered. Most importantly, the citizens...

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