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Water Front Essay

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the Business Commercial Center into a premier commercial area with the amenities of a business district where people will live and work in the vicinity of the waterfront area.
4. To ensure the easy and accessible transportation system for the sustainability of
Economic activities in the area
Additional access to the main business center via land and water transport ...view middle of the document...

5. To develop a longer corridor of green open space plaza and network of city parks.
One of the facilities that the city needs is to develop an open space for public enjoyment. At present there are only two open spaces/ plaza in the city. One is located in front of the capitol grounds with an area 5,790.45 square meter and the other one is located at the pier site with an area 2,741.00 square meter. The area is very small to cater the growing population of the city and limited for public entertainment / shows.
6. To create and introduce design guidelines using the key elements and principles of urban design in the conceptualization of the waterfront area.
The Urban Design elements are one of the tools that will be used in the formulation of policies leading to the design guidelines for the Sorsogon City waterfront development project.

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