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Water Facts Essay

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Water Facts

How Much Water Does it Take? 

• 2,072 gallons to make four new tires
• 20 gallons of water per glass of beer
• 101 gallons of water to make one pound of wool or cotton
• 2,110 gallons of water for one pair of leather shoes
• 900 gallons of water for one pair of blue jeans
• 36 gallons of water per egg
• 60 gallons of water per serving of corn
• 18 gallons of water per apple
• 3 gallons of water per tomato
• 2.6 gallons of water per sheet of paper
• 37 gallons of water per cup of coffee
• 11 gallons of water per slice of bread
• 32 gallons of water per glass of wine
• 1,083 gallons of water for one cotton shirt
• 468 gallons of water per pound
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The Oceans hold about 97%, and the Glacier's and polar ice caps hold another 2%. This leaves less than 1% of the world's water for us to use; this includes agricultural, manufacturing, community and personal household needs.

The polar ice caps contain 77% of the world's fresh water supply and another 22% is trapped in the ground. This leaves only 3% of the world's fresh water supply in lakes and rivers.

Of all the water produced for human consummation less that 1% is actually consumed. Nearly 40% of our water is used outdoors for landscaping and cleaning, another 30% is flushed down the toilet, almost 19% goes down the drain during showers and baths, and about 10% is used for washing our clothes and dishes, this leaves about 1% for cooking and drinking.

All living things need water to survive! The average person could live as long as 20 to 25 days without food but wouldn't survive without water for longer than a week.

The human body is made up of 66% water. Our bones are 33% water, our brain cells contain 75% water, our skin averages about 70% water, and even our blood is mostly water.

The recommended daily water intake is ten (10) 8 oz. glasses. Cold water is better to drink because it absorbs into the body faster and your body then burns calories to heat back up.

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