Water Derivative Plot Essay

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Muhammad Osama Jafri (NED University), Hafiz Haleem ud Din Farooqi (NED University), Waleed Anwar Saleem (NED University)

Abstract Water and gas drive mechanisms pose different problems for a petroleum engineer. The most common tribulations encountered are water and gas coning, high permeability layer breakthrough and near wellbore water channeling. In order to identify and differentiate between these tribulations different techniques can be applied. In this extended abstract, the characteristic trends of log-log plots of WOR (Water Oil Ratio) vs. Time will be analyzed for ...view middle of the document...

This is called water coning. High permeability layers can cause premature water breakthrough to the well by providing a channel or a path of least resistance to the water. This results in the water bypassing potential production zones, thus reducing the overall recovery. This is called water channeling. Field experience showed successful water control design would not be the same for different mechanisms. If the wrong mechanism is diagnosed, the treatment could even harm the production instead of helping to improve it. Therefore, characterization of the different mechanisms is very important to ensure proper treatments are applied. One of the simplest characterization methods of differentiating between coning and channeling is the Chan Water Diagnostic Plots, introduced by K.S. Chan in the year 1995. The basic idea of the plots is that if the production history ratios (WOR/WGR/GOR) and their time derivatives (WOR’/WGR’/GOR’) are plotted on the log-log graph against time, the graph shows specific trends which can be used to identify what type of



mechanism is responsible for the water production. For an oil well, if the slope of WOR’ is positive, it means that channeling is taking place. If the slope is negative, it indicates coning. In a new approach we tried, we used the plots to discern whether a spike in the WOR was due to change in the channeling or coning mechanism, or due to some other factor like reservoir pressure decline, skin buildup, choke size adjustment or gas lift etc. Analysis for Oil Reservoir A well XYZ from an Upper Indus Basin oil reservoir was chosen as a candidate for the analysis of water production. To accomplish this, Chan advices that first the entire production history of the well should be plotted. From the plot, definite stages of production should be separated and analyzed in more depth. The production history for the XYZ well is shown in Figure 11. Keep in mind that this data is not from the beginning of production so water is already being produced. Looking at the plot, we can define four different periods where sudden change is taking place. The first period comprises the first 8 days of the production data. This data is shown in the Figure 1-1. As this figure quite...

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