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Water Bottle Deposits A Plus Essay

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Water Bottle Deposits a Plus
Danielle L. Tippett
Baker College of Owosso

Water Bottle Deposits a Plus
To walk down the streets today, nearly everyone passing by is carrying a water bottle in which they purchased at the store. It seems that the amount of water being sold by stores is increasing. Where are these water bottles being disposed of is the question. Too many of these water bottles are not being disposed of properly since the majority of these are consumed by people away from home (Lockhart,para.3). They are put into trash cans or thrown on the ground as litter. If there was a bottle deposit required on all water bottles purchased then people would be more conscious of their ...view middle of the document...

Another reason that the water bottle deposit law makes sense is the fact it will help keep our landfills free of the plastic bottles that end up there. “Environmentalist advocates said about one billion bottles of carbonated beverages are redeemed for deposit in each state every year. But left out are the 300 million bottles of noncarbonated beverages, of which 215 million are water bottles”. (Silverman,2005,p.1) But out of those 215 million water bottles only 12 percent of them are recycled through recycling programs (Silverman,2005). That means 88 percent of purchased water bottles are ending up in our landfills. When calculated that means roughly 189 million water bottles end up rotting away in a landfill creating gases and other toxic substances discharged into the environment as they break down.
The water bottle deposit law would help to control littering in the communities in which we live and raise our families putting a stop to environmental hazards. The bottles are produced using a PET plastic which stands for polyethylene terephthalate (Bender,2010). Where and what do you think is produced into the air or leached into the earth’s soil as the bottles decompose in the landfills? Though PET water bottles are shatter-proof there effects are somewhat harmful. One substance that can be found in PET plastic bottles is antimony which can cause dizziness and depression in small doses and in large doses nausea and vomiting (Bosque,2010). When decomposed they let off such gases as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (DAK Americas, 2010). The PET resin is released into the ground as the product decomposes (DAK Americas,2010). With the product being insoluble to water and lacking the ability to breakdown easily it makes you wonder just how long one bottle will sit in the landfill (DAK Americas,2010). In an article in the Kalamazoo Gazette it states, “they take from 450 to 1 million years to biodegrade”.(Baiers,2009,p.2) With that said, remember just how many are ending up in landfills each year in each state. That amount of water bottle waste along with everyday consumer waste makes for a lot more money having to be spent on cleaning it all up.
Instead of spending money to help with the cleaning up of the waste a bottle deposit on water bottles will create an opportunity to bring extra revenue into each state. In Connecticut alone it looks to bring in approximately an extra $40 million in additional revenue (Stannard,2009). This revenue would come from unclaimed monies placed into a general fund returned to the state’s budget yearly. Another way to project revenue is the possibility to create jobs. Such jobs would come from reuse and recycle plants creating new positions in order to maintain the increase in production. With the economy in its current condition, finding ways to increase jobs and cut consumer costs will be a great benefit to the deposit proposition.
If a bottle deposit were to be placed on water bottles it would help stop...

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