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Good management of waste has been crucial to Singapore, given its small land area and high density of built up living quarters. It is important that Singapore remains on the forefront of this industry to ensure that it can efficiently handle the increasing amount of solid waste, a staggering 30% rise in the last five years.
The article mentions that Singapore is lagging behind in productivity. The high rise, high desnity house maybe a reason for this inefficiency. Take one key initiative of the National Recycling Program where there a door to door collection of recyclables once every fortnight. Given that Singapore’s dense housing system, this is labour intensive operations, which may ...view middle of the document...

Technology has also taken a key role in the upgrading of our workforce, through adopting new advancements such as RFID, the waste management industry is better suited to perform their jobs as well as be more productive.
One of the key assumptions the articles makes is that, the key focus of a good waste management is in the increase in productivity of the waste management workers. However, an alternative plan of Zero land fill seems to be the key strategy in Singapore’s waste management strategy. This move contrast to increasing productivity in waste handling, this plan of minimal wastage and maximum recycling targets the heart of the problem, creation of waste. By doing so, it reduces the amount of waste that needs to be handle and thus effectively managing waste. A radical new project was launched in 2013, where amount of waste reduced by a household would directly translate to rebates on their refuse removal charges. By having a collective effort of every citizen, the goals of zero landfill Singapore seems closer.
Other than improving the rate of recycling and the management of waste, a more direct approach would be reducing the amount of waste produced in the first place. Given that a third of packaging waste makes up a third of what the public discards at home, one effective method of reducing such waste is to get producers to use less packaging This means looking at reducing the use of materials such as plastics and paper from the producers point. The article mentions that 3R packing which 128 companies signed to reduce their packing waste by 14,900 tones. This is further complemented by a second Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA) drawn up last year that will see companies reduce packaging waste by another 6,500 tons by 2015. Such examples are continuous efforts by the government to...

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