Was Told To Clearly State Differences In An Actors Abilities From Past Films To More Recent Films And Explain Why Certain Roles Were Superior To Others. The Title Is Acting Taken To Another Level

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Acting Taken To Another LevelActor, comedian, producer Robin Williams was born on July 21, 1952 in Chicago Illinois. He started with a great deal of success with stand-up comedy during the 1970s, including time at Los Angeles Comedy Store in his own showcase. After performing on the revival of the Laugh-In series in 1977-78, he went on to landing a guest role on the popular sitcom Happy Days as Mork, a lovably odd space alien from the planet Ork. Regardless of Williams' undeniable success with audiences by way of his television work and stand-up comedy, his film career got off to a fairly slower start. He made his film debut in the role of a disappointing live action version of Popeye ...view middle of the document...

The scene when the gynecologists visit the medical school for a tour, and are welcomed by a mold of a woman's legs spread apart as the entrance into the school displays this common humor associated with Robin Williams. Although everyone loves his type-casted films filled with laughter, the greater acting challenge comes when he pursues a film he's unaccustomed to.Robin Williams, transcending from his usual comic territory, was definitely the right choice for Sy Parrish in One Hour Photo, for the unusual is sometimes a challenge, and with that challenge he makes it one of his finest performances. Scene after scene had an eerie sense with unspoken meanings (something he's not grown to do). Of course his other movies were outstanding, but for him to leave his comfort zone and pursue a film that is abnormal to the usual, shows true superiority compared to recent films.The movie One Hour Photo, in the simplest terms presents that life is nothing more than a string of moments that fill our time from birth to death. People reflect on their lives through memories and images the mind perceives from past experiences. Sometimes snapshots preserve the good memories, but no one takes a picture of something they want to forget. That's why Sy (Robin Williams) takes his job so seriously. Sy doesn't view himself as evil, just fulfilling his duties; Williams uses this subtle mentality to challenge the audience. We feel sympathy for him and understand his loneliness, but also want to keep our...

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