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Was The Spartacist Uprising The Most Important Problem Faced By The Weimar Republic In The Years 1919 1923?

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Was the Spartacist uprising the most important problem faced by the Weimar Republic in the years 1919-1923? Explain your answer.

The most important problem that the Weimar Republic faced was the Kapp Putsch. This was because in this uprising the Freikorps units managed to get the Weimar government to flee showing that they had a lot of power and were undermining the Weimar Republic. However, even though this was the most important reason there were other factors that caused problems for the Weimar Republic from the years 1919-1923 including the Spartacist uprising, the French occupation of the Ruhr and the weaknesses of the Constitution. To determine which factor is the most important I ...view middle of the document...

One of the other problems that the Weimar Republic faced was the weaknesses in the Constitution. The voting policy was proportional representation which meant that although it was a very fair system it meant that any party could get a seat because every vote counted. Unless a party got over 50% of all the votes which would be an unlikely occurrence there would have to be collisions. This meant that the parties that joined together would have to change their ideas to suit one another. Many people thought that the Government was weak and unstable because the majority of people didn’t like the new democratic system and it changed too often. This also caused problems for the Weimar Republic because they may get outvoted by other parties that were liked more. Also, a President was only elected every 7 years had caused issues as well because if he was a weak leader people would have to wait 7 years before a new election could occur. This made the Weimar Republic look fragile as the government wasn’t stable and the voting system had many problems. However, although the Constitution was weak and did cause some issues for the Weimar Republic they weren’t as important as the Kapp Putsch as that led to the government fleeing yet the consequences of the constitution being weak weren’t as problematic for the Weimar Republic.

The Spartacist Rising was another factor that caused some problems for the Weimar Republic. This was a left-wing rebellion yet there were many underlying problems with it therefore it wasn’t successful at causing major issues for the Weimar Republic. It was started by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Leibknecht. There was much support for this rebellion as there were 50,000 Sparatacists that protested in Germany. One of the underlying problems with this uprising however was that there wasn’t any support from other left-wing groups and it wasn’t...

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