Was The Grandmother At Fault For The Families Demise In A "Good Man Is Hard To Find"

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Who's at fault?A Good Man Is Hard To FindA grandmother can either be the glue that holds the family together with her wisdom and patience or the Berlin wall that keeps the family apart. In "a good man is hard to find", the grandmother leads the family to a horrible fate. A lie she thought was crafty later yielded an unexpected car accident and an unwanted encounter with an escaped convict named the Misfit. The grandmother made bad decisions on the trip ultimately handing the family over to death, which leaves only her at fault for the family's termination of existence.The cat brought by the grandmother clearly caused the car accident in the story, " the instant the valise removed, the ...view middle of the document...

But the grandmother's reminiscing of the old times in Tennessee and her old age clearly drove them to the dirt road, which was their undoing. Not only did she lie, "there was a secret panel in the house," she said it craftily, not telling the truth but wishing that she were", but she also used the kids against Bailey by instilling this lie and focusing on the unclaimed wealth in the house she wanted to visit so desperately, "and the story went on that all the family silver was hidden in it when the Sherman cam but it was never found". Even though Bailey made the choice to take the dirt road the grandmother's lie drove the kids' crazy with curiosity, they began to scream and bother their father, which broke him down, "The children began to yell and scream that they wanted to see the house with the secret panel". Even when the grandmother realized that the house was not in Florida but in Tennessee she remained quiet and embarrassed by her actions because she was wrong in bringing them to the dirt road. At that point she should have stopped Bailey and told him to turn around. If the grandmother would not have lied to the kids and not have been so selfish, the family would not have taken the dirt road in the first place. Their encounter with the infamous man named the Misfit would not have taken place and they would have made it to their vacation spot in Florida.When the grandmother recognized the Misfit in the story the reader was left with no choice but to blame her at that instant for the family's death, "You're the Misfit," she said. I...

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