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Was Eve Black Really Suffering From Mpd?

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Multiple personality disorder is defined as a dissociative disorder in which two or more distinct personalities coexist within one and the same individual. It is an example of a neurotic disorder. In the case of Multiple personality disorder none of the personalities have difficulty with reality testing. Multiple personality disorder is nowadays referred to as dissociate identity disorder.
When relating this to the Thigpen and Cleckley’s study they claim that the patient who was referred to as Eve White in the study to be suffering from MPD. However, there have been many arguments which state that Eve White may have been tricking Thigpen and Cleckley throughout the therapy. This essay will ...view middle of the document...

Another reason why I believe Eve White was suffering with MPD was Eve White who was generally very self-controlled became distressed and asked whether hearing an occasional imaginary voice made her insane. She also reported that she had various occasions over the last few months briefly heard a voice addressing her. During this conversation Eve White, as if in pain suddenly put both her hands to her head. After a moment of silence her hands dropped, and the therapist observed a quick, reckless smile and in a bright voice she said: ‘Hi there, Doc!’- This evidence clearly shows that Eve Black did have MPD as there is another distinct personality within one individual.
It can be argued that Eve White may have just been acting however; to the therapist it seemed at first that the usually conventional and retiring Eve White had changed into a carefree person. She also seemed to have a very different physical presence in terms of manner, gestures and eye movements. When asked her name without any hesitation she immediately replied that she was Eve Black- this reflects upon the behaviours of people who have Multiple Personality Disorder. The therapist also claimed that this ‘new person’ had a child-like characteristic (an erotically mischievous glance, a face marvellously free from the habitual signs of care, seriousness and underlying distress. The voice and language structure was highly different, and in the therapist’s opinion it appeared to be an entirely different woman.

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